Our studio

We are a flexible, highly motivated and creative full service agency

  • We create for classic media
  • We create for digital media
  • We understand needs and inner workings of small companies,
    as well as medium sized firms and large scale corporations

Our methods

We advocate teamwork and do not believe in notorious solo performances

  • We work with professional photographers, should our studio prove too small
  • With copywriters, if they understand the material better than we do
  • With illustrators, if they manage to visualize our ideas better than us

Your advantages

Clear statements, close cooperation, reliable procedures

  • Complete communication solutions for small and large companies
  • Well thought out work, target oriented and authentic results
  • A partner to answer all your questions


What you can expect from us


Corporate design
Print design
Screen design and web content
Exhibition booth and display design
Customer magazines and newsletters
Production and realization


We conceptualise and produce image- and product campaigns, websites, ads, POS-material and exhibition booth, advertisement materials and much more

Consultation and Conceptualization
Copywriting and P/R


Photography and staging in own studio
Photo shooting on location
Image editing


We create the strategy, build an annual time table, prepare the media plan, negotiate with the publishers for best placement and terms and if you should desire we will complete all the commercial business aspects

Media and ad placement




Contact, concept, text and image, photography and image editing. Coordination with suppliers/freelancer. Technical understanding resulting from his studies as industrial designer. Accompanied (guided) a publishing house into the digital world of publication away from print media.


Concept, creation, layout and production, image editing. During her early days, already staff member of the German Federal Parliament. Agency experienced. Employee (co-worker/freelancer?) at the Robert Bosch GmbH - Implementation of corporate design.
Still waters run deep.


How does one get from surveyor to a programmer? Software engineer of the team. Coding are his world. Years ago he specialised in Contao. He supports the development team in Wuppertal - CSM made in Germany.

Neue Straße 41, 73529 Schwäbisch Gmünd
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